Who We Are

ModStage Apparel is a Los Angeles based full package manufacturer for major US retailers. We offer a full range of creative services that include building brand identities and designing original product lines. Our team searches the globe for the newest trends to develop our unique voice.

Our Brands

Anthem the Label

We design clothes to make you the star of your own show, stage-presence built in. An eclectic mix of modern and classic, just like music, ANTHEM is meant to be worn on repeat.

Thrive Société

Whether your morning starts mindful or with a cupful, Thrive Société moves you through any kind of day.  We believe women can do anything, and we design clothes that will do the same. 

Birdie & Bette

Birdie & Bette is a young contemporary apparel line that is created for the strong beautiful, endless youthful women that strive to dress comfortably without sacrificing style.